Feet First

One of the most common types of sexual fetishes is foot fetishism. The adoration of the foot takes many forms, including foot fetishism, foot worship, and foot partialism (exclusive focus on a particular area of the body).

Podophilia, or foot fetishism, can be described as having a primary sexual interest in feet. It’s mostly men who are aroused by the sight of a well turned ankle, a high arch, and dainty toes. Apparently podophilia has been around for centuries, even though it’s an activity that most people like to keep private. If you’re turned on by a pair pedicured feet with perfectly applied toenail polish, or find feet that are partially enclosed in strappy sandals with killer heels completely captivating, videos of pedal pumping clips can help you get your fix.

Foot Worship
The adoration of women’s feet is commonly known as foot worship. The activity can include the watching, touching or pampering of the feet. Foot worship generally involves the appreciation of the bare feet, as well as the shoes. In the niche fetish of domination, foot worship is considered to be one of the most popular experiences. Car Cranking Girls love to take full control of your sensual pleasure, and will put extra effort into pumping that gas pedal, so that you can worship their feet to your heart’s content.

Foot Partialism
Partialism is a type of activity where the person focuses solely on one part of the body, typically for sexual pleasure and gratification. The non-sexual body part – in this case, the foot – is considered to be highly arousing. The size and shape of the feet and toes are the most common non-sexual parts of the body that people with a secret fetish tend to find the most sensually erotic and appealing. Sexual pleasure and gratification can come from touching, rubbing or stroking the feet, smelling, licking and kissing them, or simply from looking at the feet wearing high heels.
When you customise your crank and pump viewing experience, you can meet pedal pumping girls who are happy to wear whatever footwear gets you in the mood.

A Common Kink
Foot fetishes are becoming less of an unusual kink than they were once considered to be. You can find plenty of Pedal Pumping videos that appeal to all types of men. Some men like to check out the powerful horsepower engines, of the classic vintage automobiles that cranking girls love to rev up. Other men are drawn to the shape, size and overall appearance of genuine model drivers’ feminine feet.
It’s reported that Elvis Presley, pop artist Andy Warhol, and the novelist and poet Thomas Hardy all had something in common – a passion for shapely women’s feet.

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